No Liberal can define Islamophobia, yet M103 passes-Are we Stupid?

On Thursday, the Liberals pushed though their Motion M-103 to pass the house, against the wishes of the vast majority of Canadians.

The weeks before, Iqra Khalid (backbencher) and Melanie Joly (heritage minister) were both asked to define the word Islamophobia.  Iqra had no clue, and tried ignoring the question only to be forced to try answer it, and she basically said she has no clue about this critical word in the Motion that she tabled! 

Now she mentioned grass roots organizations were involved although she failed to mention them: ISNA, Mississauga- The Islamic Society of North America ( Org. linked to terror funding by the CRA and lost its charitable status- Twice including in 2017), The Muslim Neighbourhood Nexus and Canadian Muslim Vote. She might smile at non Muslims but she listens only to Muslims. ” Basically a group of Muslims and a tainted organization backed M103 and Iqra fronted it in Parliament. See the faces of those who are working to destroy true free speech in Canada, to suit their religion.

The majority of Canadian Muslims are distressed by this unwanted spotlight on them, ordinary, everyday, hardworking, great Canadians. But M103 is Political Islam making its move on Canada, as they have done for centuries. 

Here is her tweet about this:

Of course Melanie Joly, Heritage Minister, could not either, indeed the poor soul is so uninformed, she calls Muslims as Muss-lym. If she cannot pronounce a global term, how can we expect anything from her. And she did not disappoint, as she fumbled over what it is and basically the interviewer gave up.

We dare not ask the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to define anything. He has trouble putting 5 words together in a sentence without 3 breaks. So we shall spare him this task.

Both Videos are below>

A> Here is Iqra Khalid with no clue about the word Islamophobia in her own motion:

B> Here is Melanie Joly with no clue how to pronounce “Muslim” and about Islamophobia:

Canada is going down a wrong path, and quickly. The mood on the street is tense and the people are angry at this betrayal. Rarely has the ordinary Canadian felt this disconnected by their government, which is hell bent on forcing them to accept and adapt to a regressive culture.  Add to that the government’s love for terrorists, backtracking on electoral reform, growing debt load for our children to pay, the refugees and illegal border jumpers, the budget, legalization of pot… nothing seems positive today. The country is in a terrible shape and now our freedoms are being trampled upon.

Justin Trudeau must be a one term Prime Minister. A man, who the nation gave so much love to, has betrayed it. The damage will be severe by 2019. It’s the price we pay for choosing glamour over patriotism. God Bless this nation, and protect it.

PDSB parents and Islamic prayers

It is not everyday that you see a bunch of ordinary, everyday parents publicly fight back against a system that they feel is affecting their children in a Public school system. I am referring to the Peel District School Board in Ontario, Canada.

For those not following this story actively, here is the not-so-short version:

  1. Peel District has been allowing Islamic Prayers on public school property for 15 years. Initially Muslim children were allowed to pray with a set of approved passages. Lately they have demanded and received permission for other passages to be recited. This was championed by Nokha Dakroub, PDSB trustee. She said it was a matter of freedom of religion and freedom of speech. This link leads to the report in the Globe and Mail. 
  2. Non Muslim parents are concerned about exposing their children to ideologies that are contrary to their own religious beliefs, especially with impressionable children, given Islam assigns great importance to converting in.
  3.  They are also concerned about PDSB violating its gender equality policy on school property and the treatment of menstruating girls as unclean and unfit to pray.
  4. They therefore requested the PDSB to disallow all religious activity in school, which are educational and not religious institutions.
  5. Ed Morgan, Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Toronto said ” The school may be conveying a message that they endorse religion and that’s what the school is not allowed to do” This Link leads to the National Post.
  6. Mississauga and Brampton (both in Peel Region) are home to the largest number of mosques in Canada. Students who need to pray used to go to the mosque for the Friday prayer and sermon. Some background on what happened next is here. 
  7. The PDSB has released a fact sheet on this matter (Link) , to which we have these observations:
    1. Parents will do what is best for their children, it is not against Islam, it is for their children. When Kathleen Wynne unveiled her sex ed policy that ran contrary to Islam, hundreds of parents pulled their kids out of Thorncliffe Park PS forcing the school to offer a sanitized version of the sex-ed curriculum. Why was that one school exempted from the sex-ed curriculum in its original form? Here Muslim parents did what they felt was right for yheir children. Link from CBC here. 
    2. Diwali is a one day brief mention, if that.  It’s not on every Friday of the school year. By that token, nobody complains about Eid, which is 2 days of the year. We cannot compare Friday prayers to Diwali or any of the holy days ( see the 2016-2017 holidays list here).
    3. The schools provide only vegetarian and Halal options in events in schools that include parents and children. Muslims students are permitted to eat both vegetarian and halal options.  There are non-Muslims who do not eat Halal and are non-vegetarians. They are offered Halal. They do not complain. Often the Halal option contains beef which is not acceptable to Hindu parents and children. There are a significant number of Hindu and Sikh children in Peel. Sikhs are forbidden to eat Halal meat as it is against their Code of Conduct. See Link. 
    4. The fact sheet mentions “We want all students to feel safe and welcomed” and that is noble. Safety was never an issue. All students are safe in school irrespective of who they are.
    5. While this matter has escalated to unnecessary and undesirable levels, the PDSB must realize that it has not been resolved. This practice has gone on for 15 years but that is hardly a reason to keep the status quo. Indeed the only constant for everything on earth, is change.
    6. Prima facie, the rules today certainly seems to favour one faith over all other, irrespective of how it is spun. Several religions including some major ones require prayers several times a day. If every religion took time off to celebrate their faith related prayers, the school system would grind to a halt. I believe it is time to re-examine this issue again, without the acrimonious and thoroughly regrettable situations we have seen previously.

All children are precious to us all. Every single one of them, no exceptions. And as such they will always be first and foremost in the hearts of parents, Muslim and non-Muslim. We must work together to find a solution to this problem ( and it certainly is one that is very passionately felt) without the children being involved or affected in any way. Its time to re-open the dialogue in a sensible and sane manner. Political pressure on leaders and trustees must not trump legitimate concerns by parents.

The parents of PDSB feel the system is stacked against them by powerful lobbies that are political and religious and who control the mainstream media. Let’s hope for a resolution that makes PDSB schools fair for all children.

M-103 passes the House of Commons. Find out how your MP voted here.

By a vote 0f 201-91, the Motion by MP Iqra Khalid, supported by the ISNA, a terror funder and her Muslim friends passed the house against the wishes of millions of Canadians who showed unprecedented disapproval to the motion that squarely puts Canada on the path to sharia and blasphemy laws. Justin Trudeau, as expected, did not show up at the vote, trying his best to halt the rapid slide in his recent poll numbers.

This Motion was passed by our representatives, against the will of 75% of Canadians, with just 14% respondents approving the motion. This parliament has shown disregard for the citizens of this great country.

Feel free to comment on this travesty and betrayal of Canada.

Here is a lit of Who voted for the Motion to suppress Freedoms in Canada and who voted against it.  Note the people who betrayed Canadian values with their Yes votes. They cannot be trusted.


Here is how each MP voted. If you don’t see your MP’s name on the list, it means that your MP was absent — the Prime Minister, for example, and several cabinet ministers were not present — or your MP decided to abstain — Conservative Alex Nuttall, for example was in the House voted neither yea nor nay.

Information courtesy The National Post Newspaper

Division No./ Vote no : 237
Subject/Objet: M-103, Systemic racism and religious discrimination / M-103, Racisme et discrimination religieuse systémiques

nay/ Aboultaif
nay/ Albas
nay/ Albrecht
yea/ Aldag
yea/ Alleslev
nay/ Allison
nay/ Ambrose
yea/ Amos
paired/pairé Anandasangaree
nay/ Anderson
nay/ Arnold
yea/ Arseneault
yea/ Arya
yea/ Ashton
yea/ Ayoub
yea/ Bagnell
nay/ Barlow
nay/ Barsalou-Duval
yea/ Baylis
nay/ Beaulieu
yea/ Beech
yea/ Bennett
yea/ Benson
nay/ Bergen
nay/ Bernier
nay/ Berthold
nay/ Bezan
yea/ Bibeau
yea/ Bittle
yea/ Blaikie
yea/ Blair
nay/ Blaney (Bellechasse—Les Etchemins—Lévis)
yea/ Blaney (North Island—Powell River)
nay/ Block
yea/ Boissonnault
yea/ Bossio
nay/ Boucher
yea/ Boutin-Sweet
nay/ Brassard
yea/ Bratina
yea/ Breton
yea/ Brison
yea/ Brosseau
yea/ Caesar-Chavannes
nay/ Calkins
yea/ Cannings
yea/ Caron
yea/ Carr
nay/ Carrie
yea/ Casey (Charlottetown)
yea/ Casey (Cumberland—Colchester)
yea/ Chagger
yea/ Champagne
yea/ Chan
yea/ Chen
yea/ Chong
yea/ Choquette
yea/ Christopherson
nay/ Clarke
nay/ Clement
nay/ Cooper
yea/ Cormier
yea/ Cullen
yea/ Cuzner
yea/ Dabrusin
yea/ Damoff
yea/ Davies
yea/ DeCourcey
nay/ Deltell
yea/ Dhaliwal
yea/ Dhillon
yea/ Di Iorio
nay/ Diotte
nay/ Doherty
yea/ Donnelly
nay/ Dreeshen
yea/ Drouin
yea/ Dubourg
yea/ Duguid
yea/ Duncan (Edmonton Strathcona)
yea/ Duncan (Etobicoke North)
yea/ Dusseault
yea/ Duvall
yea/ Dzerowicz
yea/ Easter
nay/ Eglinski
yea/ Ehsassi
yea/ El-Khoury
yea/ Ellis
yea/ Erskine-Smith
yea/ Eyking
yea/ Eyolfson
nay/ Falk
nay/ Fast
yea/ Fergus
yea/ Fillmore
nay/ Finley
yea/ Finnigan
yea/ Fisher
yea/ Fonseca
yea/ Fragiskatos
yea/ Fraser (Central Nova)
yea/ Fraser (West Nova)
yea/ Freeland
yea/ Fry
yea/ Fuhr
nay/ Gallant
yea/ Garrison
nay/ Généreux
yea/ Gerretsen
nay/ Gill
nay/ Gladu
nay/ Godin
yea/ Goldsmith-Jones
yea/ Goodale
yea/ Gould
nay/ Gourde
yea/ Graham
yea/ Grewal
nay/ Harder
yea/ Hardie
yea/ Harvey
yea/ Hehr
nay/ Hoback
yea/ Holland
yea/ Housefather
yea/ Hughes
yea/ Hussen
yea/ Hutchings
yea/ Iacono
nay/ Jeneroux
yea/ Johns
yea/ Joly
yea/ Jones
yea/ Jordan
yea/ Jowhari
yea/ Julian
yea/ Kang
nay/ Kelly
nay/ Kent
yea/ Khalid
yea/ Khera
nay/ Kitchen
nay/ Kmiec
yea/ Kwan
nay/ Lake
yea/ Lametti
yea/ Lamoureux
yea/ Lapointe
yea/ Lauzon (Argenteuil—La Petite-Nation)
nay/ Lauzon (Stormont—Dundas—South Glengarry)
nay/ Lebel
yea/ LeBlanc
yea/ Lebouthillier
yea/ Lefebvre
nay/ Leitch
yea/ Lemieux
yea/ Leslie
yea/ Levitt
nay/ Liepert
yea/ Lightbound
nay/ Lobb
yea/ Lockhart
yea/ Longfield
yea/ Ludwig
nay/ Lukiwski
yea/ MacAulay (Cardigan)
yea/ MacGregor
nay/ MacKenzie
yea/ MacKinnon (Gatineau)
nay/ Maguire
yea/ Malcolmson
yea/ Maloney
yea/ Massé (Avignon—La Mitis—Matane—Matapédia)
yea/ Masse (Windsor West)
yea/ Mathyssen
yea/ May (Cambridge)
yea/ May (Saanich—Gulf Islands)
nay/ McCauley (Edmonton West)
yea/ McCrimmon
yea/ McDonald
yea/ McGuinty
yea/ McKay
yea/ McKenna
yea/ McKinnon (Coquitlam—Port Coquitlam)
nay/ McLeod (Kamloops—Thompson—Cariboo)
yea/ McLeod (Northwest Territories)
yea/ Mendès
yea/ Mendicino
yea/ Miller (Ville-Marie—Le Sud-Ouest—Île-des-Soeurs)
yea/ Monsef
paired/pairé Moore
yea/ Morrissey
nay/ Motz
yea/ Mulcair
yea/ Murray
yea/ Nantel
yea/ Nassif
nay/ Nater
yea/ Nault
nay/ Nicholson
yea/ O’Connell
yea/ Oliphant
yea/ Oliver
yea/ O’Regan
nay/ O’Toole
yea/ Ouellette
yea/ Paradis
nay/ Paul-Hus
nay/ Pauzé
yea/ Peschisolido
yea/ Peterson
yea/ Petitpas Taylor
yea/ Philpott
yea/ Picard
nay/ Poilievre
yea/ Poissant
yea/ Quach
yea/ Qualtrough
yea/ Rankin
yea/ Ratansi
nay/ Reid
nay/ Rempel
nay/ Richards
yea/ Rioux
nay/ Ritz
yea/ Robillard
yea/ Rodriguez
yea/ Romanado
yea/ Rota
yea/ Rudd
yea/ Ruimy
yea/ Rusnak
yea/ Sahota
yea/ Saini
yea/ Sajjan
yea/ Sangha
yea/ Sansoucy
yea/ Sarai
nay/ Saroya
yea/ Scarpaleggia
nay/ Scheer
yea/ Schiefke
nay/ Schmale
yea/ Schulte
yea/ Serré
yea/ Sgro
yea/ Sheehan
nay/ Shields
nay/ Shipley
yea/ Sidhu (Brampton South)
yea/ Sidhu (Mission—Matsqui—Fraser Canyon)
yea/ Simms
nay/ Sopuck
yea/ Sorbara
nay/ Sorenson
yea/ Spengemann
yea/ Stanton
nay/ Ste-Marie
yea/ Stetski
yea/ Stewart
nay/ Strahl
nay/ Stubbs
nay/ Sweet
yea/ Tabbara
yea/ Tan
yea/ Tassi
nay/ Tilson
yea/ Tootoo
nay/ Trost
yea/ Trudel
nay/ Van Kesteren
nay/ Van Loan
yea/ Vandal
yea/ Vandenbeld
yea/ Vaughan
nay/ Vecchio
nay/ Viersen
yea/ Virani
nay/ Wagantall
nay/ Warawa
nay/ Warkentin
nay/ Waugh
nay/ Webber
yea/ Weir
yea/ Whalen
yea/ Wilkinson
yea/ Wilson-Raybould
nay/ Wong
yea/ Wrzesnewskyj
yea/ Young
nay/ Yurdiga
yea/ Zahid
nay/ Zimmer


Ryerson fires teaching assistant over alleged anti-Semitic comments | Toronto Star

Ayman Elkasrawy is accused of making the comments during an off-campus prayer service last year.

This is just window dressing. The constant hate mongering by Islamist organizations has reached pandemic proportions at Ryerson. Constant stress between Muslim radicals and Jewish students at the University must be resolved before things get worse.

Source: Ryerson fires teaching assistant over alleged anti-Semitic comments | Toronto Star