No Liberal can define Islamophobia, yet M103 passes-Are we Stupid?

On Thursday, the Liberals pushed though their Motion M-103 to pass the house, against the wishes of the vast majority of Canadians.

The weeks before, Iqra Khalid (backbencher) and Melanie Joly (heritage minister) were both asked to define the word Islamophobia.  Iqra had no clue, and tried ignoring the question only to be forced to try answer it, and she basically said she has no clue about this critical word in the Motion that she tabled! 

Now she mentioned grass roots organizations were involved although she failed to mention them: ISNA, Oakville- The Islamic Society of North America ( Mosque that was caught with terror funding and lost its charitable status), The Muslim Neighbourhood Nexus and Canadian Muslim Vote. The Canadian Muslim Vote, I believe, is currently trying to infiltrate the Conservative race for leader and disrupt the selection to suit their Liberal agenda.

Basically a group of Muslims and a tainted Mosque backed M103 and Iqra fronted it in Parliament. See the faces of those who are working to destroy true free speech in Canada, to suit their religion.

Here is her tweet about this:

Of course Melanie Joly, Heritage Minister, could not either, indeed the poor soul is so uninformed, she calls Muslims as Muss-lym. If she cannot pronounce a global term, how can we expect anything from her. And she did not disappoint, as she fumbled over what it is and basically the interviewer gave up.

We dare not ask the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to define anything. He has trouble putting 5 words together in a sentence without 3 breaks. So we shall spare him this task.


Both Videos are below>

A> Here is Iqra Khalid with no clue about the word Islamophobia in her own motion:

B> Here is Melanie Joly with no clue how to pronounce “Muslim” and about Islamophobia:

Canada is going down a wrong path, and quickly. The mood on the street is tense and the people are angry at this betrayal. Rarely has the ordinary Canadian felt this disconnected by their government, which is hell bent on filling this country with an alien religion and regressive culture.  Add to that the growing debt load for our children to pay, the refugees and illegal border jumpers, the budget, legalization of pot, and almost every promise has been broken. The country is in a terrible shape and now our freedoms are being trampled upon.

The Liberals are in a tailspin. Canadians are angry. Justin Trudeau’s government must go. we must reverse this decline before it is too late.


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