Fed-up parents of Peel District School Board fight back

It is not everyday that you see a bunch of ordinary, everyday parents publicly fight back against a system that is affecting their children in a Public school system. I am referring to the Peel District School Board in Ontario, Canada.

For those not following this story actively, here is the short version:

  1. Peel District has been allowing Islamic Prayers on public school property for 20 years
  2. There have been serious issues with the content of the prayers recited over the years
  3. Initially Muslim kids were allowed to pray only from a set of approved passages
  4. Lately they have demanded and received permission for unapproved passages to be recited
  5. Non Muslim parents are concerned about preachings that are contrary to Canadian values, acceptable social practices and their own religious beliefs.
  6. They therefore requested the PDSB to disallow all religious activity in schools as it is an educational system not religious
  7. They are against the practical aspects of having mini mosques in every Peel Region Public School
  8. They are also rightfully against the possibility of their kids attending school for an education and, being impressionable, attracted to aspects of a religion at school that runs contrary to their values and the values of a majority of Canadians.
  9. Kevin J Johnston of Freedomreport.ca has been on the forefront of this effort and has, at enormous personal risk, championed change at the PDSB.
  10. The PDSB has said this allowance to Islam is 20 years old. We suggest that if the world looked at evils such as slavery, that was legal at one time, and did not fight to change it,  it would still be mainstream today.
  11. After several meetings of the PDSB where parents protested, in this meeting, Kevin J Johnston was barred from entering the premises but the parents fought for their kids notwithstanding, with selflessness, bravery and strength that only a parent would have for their children, against an establishment so entrenched in the status quo, it cannot consider change.

Now here is the video:


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