Canada: Unvetted asylum seekers headed for Toronto

Canada is fast becoming a dumping ground for the world’s jihadis, thanks to a compromised government that acts based on religion as opposed to common sense or concern for security of the nation.

Since January, thousands of illegals have arrived in Canada at remote border crossings in Manitoba and Quebec, claiming to be seeking asylum from President Donald Trump’s administration.

Canada is not conducting proper screening of this influx of refugees, thereby leaving citizens at risk. Now the question arises: if unvetted refugees victimize Canadians, as we are seeing in Europe, particularly sexual crimes against infidel women, would it be regarded as “Islamophobic” to reveal the identity of the perpetrators?

Mohamed Huque, the executive director of the Islamic Family and Social Services Association in Edmonton, has already called for migrant sex attacks to be covered up. He thinks it’s racist and irrelevant to reveal the nationality of the attacker. Yet obviously, when a large group of people have proven to be using religious mandate to assault women, it is the public’s right to know for their own safety and that of their children.

Meanwhile, Canada passed an “anti-Islamophobia” motion in October, but a second, Motion M-103, has been delayed in Parliament because of misgivings expressed by some Conservative members. Ontario, however, just passed an anti-Islamophobia motion days ago. While motions are not pieces of legislation, they do influence attitudes and decisions of legislative matters.

Conservative Party public safety critic…Tony Clement told The Daily Caller that …. it is “ridiculous” to think of refugees coming from the United States.

The ridiculous is upon us.

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Source: Canada: Unvetted asylum seekers headed for Toronto

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