Religion Out of Public Schools

Source: Religion Out of Public Schools

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Editor’s Note: Publicly funded School Boards are for all students from all backgrounds and faiths. One community has been taking advantage of our laws to increase their profile amongst young impressionable minds. Political correctness has gone too far.  Exemptions and prayer meetings in schools just for them, makes for clear concern about preferential treatment.

A school is a place for education and certainly not religion. Parents won’t, and rightfully should not, tolerate their kids being exposed to a different faith that has an aggressive hold on Peel District School Board. We stand by the demand of parents to make Peel District School Boards free of Religion and religious beliefs. No prayers or exemptions should be allowed on taxpayer funded school premises during school hours. No religiously specific food should be served at school events. No school trip exemptions should be made. All children of all faiths should get along together as is expected in Canada, and gender segregation should be banned in schools.

It hardly matters if some practises have gone on for decades, that fact by itself does not make it right. As demands for more and more rigid accommodation come from a certain community,  parents feel it is time to put a stop to all religion in schools.  If children feel the need to pray, they should feel free to do so but not on school premises and not during school hours. If every religion followed their scriptures to the letter without any consideration of others in school, PDSB schools will be a chaotic place. Peel is home to a diverse group of parents and children belonging to various faiths and beliefs.  We cannot give preferential treatment to one and expose our children to that faith at school.  That is simply unacceptable. We invite trustees to review the comments posted by concerned parents in this forum and other forums. These are real concerns by the silent majority.  It is time political correctness took a back seat to legitimate demands of parents who send their kids to publicly funded school systems such as PDSB and expect quality education for their tax dollars and nothing else, certainly not a constant struggle with religion.  

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